Link: The European LIKE YOU LIKE IT blog

I kept a blog when I went to Europe for Like You Like It. Tasty.

Listen: Bucquisto

Dan Acquisto, my composer, and I, have written together since the year 2000, when Bobby Lopez and Jeff Marx introduced us at the BMI Workshop. Here are some samples.

Like You Like It: Shakespeare's As You Like It set at the mall in the 1980s. How far would YOU go for your first love?

And here's stuff that's not 80s pop:

FREE AS A... is about two macaws, an uptight teen and a irrepressibly irresponsible washed-up singer. Here, the older one passes on some wisdom to the younger one. Vocals: Jonathan Monk, Tom Richter.

AUNT EVELYN'S INSPIRATIONAL ADVICE is based on an actual conversation an older aunt had with me about my career. It was so shocking I had to write a song about it. Vocal: Jane Smulyan.

I NEVER KNEW is a song a couple commissioned from us for their anniversary. Vocal: James Donegan.

WE JEL is a wacky, glee-club look at checks and balances in the U.S. government, geared toward kids 8 - 12. Vocals: Scott Denny, James Donegan, Clark Sayre.

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